06 October 2008

Special Clothing for Special Times~

beautiful, delicate christening outfits
in soft ivories~
shades of white, with intricate detail work~
hand-knitted sweaters~
cotton and satin sacs~
you'll find them here,
at Cute As A Button~
{prices of items shown, $59.99 - $109.99}

2 notes from friends:

Anonymous said...

I love your new blogspot!!!!! What a wonderful job you have done, and very enticing. I can't wait to come in and shop for our holiday outfits!!! Thanks so much for the newsletters!

Heather Wilson

The Jones' said...

thanks for leaving me a comment about my blog and for your prayers. I lived in Prattville for 12 years until 2 years ago when we had to move for my husbands job. Hate I am missing your store. I have looked at your site through Leigh's. Can you order stuff from your store via your blog? or am I just having wishful thinking.... Thanks again