30 September 2008

"Prattville Woman Doesn't Let Wall Street Financial Woes Dictate Future"

Driving a nail in one wall and brushing a coat of paint on another a few feet away, Patti Phelps doesn't spend her time worrying about what happens on Wall Street. That's because Main Street is where her dreams and passions lie.

"When I became a grandmother and shopping around for some children's clothes, I said 'I can do this,' said Phelps. That was two years ago. Now Phelps is just weeks away from moving her children's apparel business into a much larger building in downtown Prattville.

"We'll be doubling our rent and our power," she said. And she plans to add an employee.

Patti Phelps is fully aware she is taking a risk in the middle of what many have said are 'uncertain times.' The uncertainty of Wall Street and the bitter political battles in Congress over the failed bailout plan. "I'm scared to death," Phelps said with a nervous laughter.

Yet Phelps wouldn't have it any other way. "Why do I think I can do this? I have so much passion for this. My customers are so positive. We'll make it work and do a lot of praying," said Phelps.

Brian Henry, reporter for WSFA12 News, interviewed Patti Phelps, owner of Cute As A Button, this afternoon at her new location. To read his report in its entirety, which was a Top Story of the evening news, click here.

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Kim Phipps said...

I LOVE THE WEBSITE ! I am so very proud of you and so super proud to call you my cuz! I knew whenever you decided to let your "true colors shine" it would be wonderful ! I wish I was there to help you move to the new place- seeing all those precious things just makes me want my girls back to that age- I love ya girl- cuz' kim from Vol Country !