26 August 2008

About Us ~

I have always had an insatiable love for fine things for children. I worked in retail as a young mother and thought how great it would be to have my own specialty shop one day. Years later, after my 3 children were grown, I began to pursue a college degree in order to advance in my job with State Government. It took me 8-1/2 years going to classes part-time and working full-time. Upon accomplishment of my Business Degree, I told my husband, Kenny, I was tired of being so busy and now would settle for working a 40-hour week until I had 25 years with the State.
In 2006, we were blessed with our first grandchild, Lena Grace, who is truly "cute as a button." As a first-time grandmother, I did a lot of shopping! While shopping for her, my interest in children's fine clothing grew. I realized that just working full-time was not enough for me and I needed something more. As I got closer to retirement, I began to think a lot about that specialty shop and how I could encompass my family. I decided it was definitely time to put my passion into place and take that risk. With the love, support and physical labor of my family, Cute as a Button Boutique opened its doors for business in October of that same year. One year later, Lena Grace's cousin, Connor Everett was born, and we now have two "cute as a button babies" sharing our hearts, making purchasing apparel and gifts even more fun! Two years after opening, we were blessed by being able to move into a larger building, in the historic part of downtown Prattville on Main Street!
Cute as a Button is an upscale boutique that offers brands of clothing for infants and children not available in department stores. We carry many of the fine brands for children that are available nationally. We create shopping for infants and children not only convenient, but satisfying, and in a very pleasant atmosphere.
Our selections are personally chosen by me to bring high quality garments to this area, as well as, wear ability. Garments that reflect classic traditions, pieces of yesterday for the hip child of today, and also sassy fun! I order garments that I know will brighten a customer's face as they choose for a newborn or for that special little person in their life. I choose only what I want my grandbabies to wear and love each and every style that I choose; garments that are as unique as the children who will wear them.
My staff and I take pleasure in being part of that memorable experience of helping a new mother choose that “special” outfit to bring her precious baby home from the hospital. At Cute as a Button, we take great pride in offering personable service to those who walk through our front door.

Kenny and I make frequent trips to the Atlanta Apparel Market to assure that Cute as a Button brings to our customers the latest offerings in the children’s clothing industry. Superior fabrics, the finest pima cottons, uniqueness, and fair price points are details that you will find in every choice that you make when you shop with us at Cute as a Button.

"If you can dream it, you can do it."
~ Walt Disney

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