30 August 2008

Cute As A Button

Come take a look into this charming cottage that has housed Miss Patti's dream for the past two years. She won't be at this location much longer, so let's walk through before the front door is closed for the last time. Coming up onto the front porch and through the front door of this 1940's cottage you find yourself in~what has affectionately become known as The Lavender Room. The Birthday Room is just beyond the doorway. Looking to your right, you'll see ~ a center unit which has preemie, newborn and dedication clothing. You'll also find gifts destined to be heirlooms. Around the perimeter of this room are shoes, sandals, hair ribbons and bows, and New Arrivals. You'll find items to personalize, photo frames, Lovies, and Angel Dear blankets. Past the cradle you can see two of our new items! Poodles are in, with Potato Saks on the right and Frocks and Frills to the left. Both have swing tops and coordinating pantaloons. Frocks and Frills outfits are made in Clio, Alabama!

Cute As A Button carries a large collection of small and large width double ruffle ribbon. You'll find solid and patterned bows in three sizes, as well as an infant size. A favorite with our customers are the 'initial' bows!Looking to the left is what we call The Yellow Room with Stephen Joseph lunch boxes, matching GoGo packs and quilted backpacks. Collegiate wear for Auburn and Alabama can be found in this room, as well as diaper bags, napmats, and decorative wipe holders. Socks for boys and girls, as well as tights for girls NB to 6X, and a few items just for mommies! Here's another snapshot of a few displays. See something you like?! Shop Prattville! We only have an 8.5 % sales tax!Miss Patti carries LaShea and you'll see some pictured below. Bucket bags, Tooth Fairy pillows, Lovies are just a few favorites you'll find here at Cute As A Button!You'll find diaper bags to please everyone! In all colors, fabrics, and designs! Kalencom is a popular brand with our moms!Moving past the counter and into the Birthday room, Miss Patti has tee shirts, party hats, socks, bibs, and outfits just for the Birthday boy or girl!!
Picture frames capture the moment and place settings hold the cake and ice cream! These are a few of the 'First Birthday' frames that are available! The boys room! In blue, of course! There is a Summer Sale in progress and all clothing on center racks are 40% off original price! This sale will continue through the month of September in order to make way for Fall and Holiday items at the new location!

Pictured are a few of the items for sale. New shipments are arriving every two weeks, so expect these displays to be different when you visit! Come see what we have now!And there's the little girls room~all dressed in pink and white and lace. Again, sale items are arranged in the center of the room and are 40% off original price. You can find adorable flip flops that are also on sale and will match some of the summer items, along with sun hats and cute headbands. Gifts, gifts, gifts!! Do you have a dancer or cheerleader in your home? We have frames, backpacks, lunchboxes, and GoGo packs for these little ladies!! Loungeware is luscious, and so soft and snuggly. Sizing for girls begins at 3 months and goes to 6X. Sizes for boys runs from 3 months to 4T.Drop by, let us show you around. You'll find Cute As A Button just south of Carol Lemon Realty, at the corner of Thomas Avenue and South Memorial!

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SO cute!!!
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