26 March 2010

"We were in your shop last week looking for an outfit for Little Miss Peach. My granddaughter Callie, second from the left in the attached picture, won 2nd alternate in Little Miss Sweetheart wearing an outfit we found in your shop several months earlier. The outfit also won raves from the other contestants' mothers because of the style, but also the colors seemed to stand out while she was on stage. I understand, with regret, that she is about the "age out" of the clothes in your store. That's a shame because we really like the originality in the clothes you have in stock. We're from Clanton, and it's not easy to find the type of clothes the young girls seem to be wearing (note the other girls in the pageant).

When in your store last week, we found this same color, but nothing in a casual pants outfit. (She wears a size 6x). Should you get any other clothes in stock like the ones we have in mind, please let us know. We're not too far from you and enjoy any excuse to come back for a visit.

Bobbi Headley"
Thank you, Mrs. Headley, for the kind words and for the photo! Good luck to Callie, and yes, we'll keep you in mind when we begin carrying clothing past 6X!

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