12 January 2009

Look What's At Cute As A Button! An Authorized TAGGIES Retailer!
"Created by an early childhood educator and mom, Taggies are based on the idea that babies and kids love to rub satin edges, clothing labels and tags. Focused on the "whole child", Taggies enhance early childhood emotional well being, growth, and sense of security by providing tactile and visually stimulating features that both soothe and entertain. Children interact with, explore and enjoy a generous assortmemnt of printed and testured tags, creating in them a true sense of good feeling, positive adjustment and overall happiness."
You can find TAGGIES at Cute As A Button!
We have the Little TAGGIES, 12X12 colorful squares!
We have the Take-A Long TAGGIES, 5 inch triangles!
We have the TAGGIES Colours Toss, 8 inch diameter!
The Take-A Longs are so easy to clip onto any car seat or stroller and the colorful ball makes a light tinkling sound as it rolls!
Come in, come see, come feel!

Baby Buddy Closet Organizers are Coming!
"These size dividers make it simple to keep the whole wardrobe neat and orderly! Set includes five plastic size dividers, removable labels for 15 sizes ("Newborn" through Size 8"), and six blank, write-on labels."
Available in two colors: Pink and Light Blue.
These are the original size dividers that won JPMA’s 1999 "Show-Off" Product Competition!

If you shop seasonal sales, keep the clothing organized for the next year! If you have clothing to pass down to the next child, keep it sized! You won't ever find a piece of apparel and say, "I forgot I had this size!" It doesn't take long for a closet to become a jumble of clothing in different sizes!
Come in and get yours today!
"Pediatric dentists recommend cleaning a baby's gums - even before the first tooth appears - with a soft infant toothbrush and water. Our dentist- designed Angel Brush™ has an H-shaped head filled with tiny, soft bristles to clean all sides of top and bottom teeth at the same time. Also great for teething pain! Made of 100% Food Grade Silicone (BPA, Lead & Phthalate free)."
Carried now at Cute As A Button!

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Holly said...

Those things are really cute! A friend of mine has a little niece/nephew due soon, maybe I'll look for something like that as a gift. :)